Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zoe vs. Throwdown Thursday

Today I'm proud to be the first guest poster on the humor blog The Next Delusion. It's hosted by the captivating Cassandra and mysterious Momus, a lovely pair whose loveliness is only magnified by their willingness to engage in arguments from the mundane to whether or not to give up cable TV.
On Thursday they post their throwdowns, and this Thursday they invited Zoe and I to share one of our arguments. Well, we are often at loggerheads so I thought it'd be easy, but it turns out Zoe and I can't even agree on what to argue about. So I corralled the Husband into arguing with me instead. And since I always get him to do things whether he wants to or not, that's exactly what we argued about: "Whose Idea of Fun." To see our throwdown, click here.
Of course, now Zoe's peeved about being left out. Her feeling is that when any "throwing down" is occurring---real or metaphorical---she should be the one launching the aforementioned items in a downward trajectory.
She'll just have to get over it. Ever since Zoe was born she's been placing herself between The Husband and myself, from our arguing to our making up, from our trying to have a conversation to trying to sleep. And in the end our old argument about who's in charge of weekend leisure is moot, since now that Zoe's on the scene, we do what she wants, and it's anything but leisurely. 
So that's why I'm signing off, as usual:
Zoe: 116; Universe (including other blogs): 0
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I need a win here, people. 

Don't fight it.
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