About Me

Hi, I'm Liz but I usually write under E. R. Catalano. I did this because I thought it would make me sound more writerly even though using a word like writerly completely undermines that.
The R is for Ryan, my maiden name and Zoe's middle name. I also used the initials because I had a writing teacher once (a woman) who said having a gender-less name could help in getting my writing published (i.e., it's a man's world, even in publishing, where there are a lot of women--go figure).
Of course I'm not sure how well this worked since most of the main characters in my stories have been female.
So why am I writing this blog? Well, my dream was and is to be a novelist. I guess you could say I am since I did write a novel: beginning, middle, end, the whole 9 yards. However, it is unpublished. It's called Becoming the Girl Detective and it's about a girl who makes a deal with God to be Nancy Drew to save her brother's life. I've also written short stories for a collection tentatively titled  Prove You're Not a Robot. I've had some short stories published and a play produced off-off-off Broadway. And by "off-off-off" I mean Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's called Sestina and is about two mismatched college students who have to write a poem---a sestina---together.
I can see I didn't answer the question from the preceding paragraph yet.
I started this blog for three reasons:
1. To get my writing out there, which would hopefully lead to interest in my novel.
2. To have a daily, or at least weekly, practice of writing, which would hopefully improve my skills.
3. To write about my daughter, both for stress relief (parenting is hard, yo!) and to have a record of the funny and frustrating, the frantic and fantastic experiences Zoe has brought to my life, and, dare I say, the universe.
Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hi! We were chatting on SITS Twitter chat and I wanted to give you a quick hello while I peruse your blog! Have a great day!