Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zoe vs. That Elite Daily Post

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Mockery is the highest form of love.
Some parents look forward to their child reaching popular milestones such as walking, wiping their own butt, or getting their first tattoo. As for me, I can't wait till Zoe understands sarcasm. 
And can speak it fluently. That's when I'll be ready to pass the torch. And then yoink it out of her reach before she can catch hold. Because I'm all about teaching my daughter how hard it is out there for a gangsta. 
Zoe will absolutely need to get satire, or I may have to disown her, repeatedly, in public, till she finally understands the fine line between malice and love, the home where satire lays its pointy head, on its fluffy bitter pillow.
All this is a roundabout way of introducing my faithful readers (hello, out there; tall folks, please hunch down a bit so the multitudes behind you can see) to a new site for satire called MockMom. It's like The Onion but one that's focused on parenthood, specifically motherhood, though probably also that red-headed stepchild fatherhood. 
MockMom was started by the talented ladies behind Sammiches and Psych Meds and Is It Bedtime Yet? The site's up and running, and here are a few examples of the hilarious posts:
And guess who else has a post there?
Here's where I refer you back to the title of this post.
Remember a week or so ago when the site Elite Daily ran what may be the smuggest post anyone's ever read ever? About how young moms are totally killin' it at motherhood? Well, here's my response up on MockMom:

Zoe: 102; Universe: 0 

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I need a win here, people. 

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