Thursday, July 28, 2016

Zoe vs. The Huffington Post: More from the Parallel Universe

Mother has again abandoned me. Not just this week but last week too. She was off doing her little scribblings elsewhere. The nerve. She'd be nothing without me.
Here's where she's appearing if you'd like to go to these sites' respective comments sections to publicly shame her. I would view it as a personal favor if you did.
She's was on HaHas for Hoohas with this drivel:
Wow! The woman wrote a numbered list. Haven't seen one of those before! I'm also trying not to take it personally. I never did any of those things she mentions. To suggest otherwise is slander. Or libel. One of those.
Then she was on MockMom this past Monday with something I don't even understand.
Like who? And what? Just two of my questions that I'd ask if I even cared.
Then you can hear her voice on this one. It's a podcast called Inside Voice. Someone thought she'd be interesting to interview. She also reads part of the novel she wrote, the one I've been hearing her go on about for years, especially the choice tidbit that she wrote it when she was "unencumbered"---always with the little head tilt in my direction. As if I don't understand exactly what she means. Those are the nights I call for a very special episode of Bedtime: the Extended Edition. Podcast that, lady!
And, finally, she was also on The Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago. Big whoop! The woman's thrilled because she won a contest at BlogU, which sounds like a curse but is actually a conference, whatever that is. At least she wrote about me in this one.
I think that site missed a huge opportunity not calling themselves Huggington Post. Much better name. What's a huffington anyway? I mean, Chuggington, that's something, but huffington?
So there!

Zoe: 143; Universe/Ariana Huffington: 0

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I need a win here, people. 

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